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Accommodation Contract


Accommodation contract

The booking made by the guest and confirmed by the host, providing the accommodation, shall establish the contractual relationship between these two parties, so called “accommodation contract” (lodging agreement) shall be binding on both contracting parties. According to law and consistent case law it includes, among other things, the following regulations:

The accommodation contract is considered binding as soon as the room is reserved and confirmed, or, in the event of a late booking, as soon as the room has been reserved.

Concluding the accommodation agreement means the contracting parties are obliged to fulfil their part of the agreement regardless of the duration of the agreement.

The host providing the accommodation is obliged to pay compensation to the guest if the booked room is not available.

If the guest does not use the accommodation covered by the contract, he or she is obliged to pay the agreed or customary price less the outlay that the host, providing the accommodation, saves due to the absence of the guest.

On the basis of experience the savings for holiday apartments are 10% of the overnight stay price, for rooms with bed and breakfast - 20%, for half board - 30% and for full board - 40% of the accommodation price.

The host, providing the accommodation, is bound to act in good faith to let, if possible, the unused room to another guest in order to avoid losses.

The guest must make the payment under paragraph 4 for the duration of the agreement or until an alternative tenant can be.

Place of jurisdiction is the place of the business operation.

For all intents and purposes

In case you cannot start on your booked journey or you must end your holiday earlier due to unforeseeable events, we recommend you taking out travel cancellation insurance to avoid financial losses. Travel cancellation insurance, which covers your costs, will be taken out within one week after confirmation of the accommodation contract in any tourist agency. Book without any risk!